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There Once Was A Girl...

Once there was a girl...

i remembered this dream i used to have. i'd always wake up right before i died. i think somewhere i heard that if you die in a dream it means that you really do die. it's really weird how stuff like that works out.

i'm basically going to be all alone tonight and i couldn't be happier. i'll procrastinate, talk to my girlfriend all night, and then panic right before i go to bed because i forgot to do some of my homework. that's how it usually ends up. i honestly don't mind though. it's worth it.

it's kinda weird how things work out. on one hand i'm extremely happy. on the other hand i'm ready to plunge into that deep hole of despair i was in for a long time. they somehow met in the middle and are attempting to balance each other out. i think my emotions are see-sawing in my brain. someone's bound to get off and send the other one flying. we'll just have to wait and see when that happens.
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