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well it's been quite some time since i have updated this dear journal of mine. as of right now, it's 10:43 in indiana. it's 32 degrees outside. it's been cloudy all day and quite dreary. i'm watching er. i have a hole in my sock. i am, once again, re-downloading all off the songs onto my ipod. you honestly don't know how much of a pain it is until you actually have to do it...twice. i'm going to be home in approximately 13 hours. there are 4 stockings above the mantel. did you know that when a person has a stroke one side of their body can become paralyzed? it's usually the right side too. although it doesn't happen all the time, whenever someone has a stroke something is paralyzed. it is most often found in the curling of the pinkie finger on the right side of the body. i think it would be terrible if a man had a stroke and his weiner was paralyzed. how would he have children? or have sex for that matter. funny that i'm thinking about that...being the "dyke" that i am. thank you hannah. 131 down only 2080 to go. yay! can you say shower time? well maybe not. i'm enjoying this little random thought i'm having. i've always wondered what had to happen in a family to make a child run away. i mean sure, everyone has had the thoughts. every kid has threatened to run away. but what went wrong in the families where the kid actually did run away. how were they driven away? what was the final straw that drove that kid to thumbing a ride on the corner in front of a liquor store.

on another note...

don't see king kong. even if you want to, don't. it's almost 3.25 hours long. in that amount of time...you can take a nap, read a book, AND shower.

and another one...
children are an amazing gift. well, some of them. ok i take that back. all of them are. they each bring something new into the world. some special talent or brilliance that makes the world a better place because they are in it.

i got yelled at by an 80-year old man this week. not only that a "mentally disabled" man also hassled me because my brother and i were waiting for my mom to bring us tickets to see a movie. i'm so done with indiana. maybe it's just all the retards and old folks i'm done with. i need to take a sympathy class again.

that's all folks. have a happy new year. and i'm coming home tomorrow!!!
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