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I Am From...

LeeAnn Kearney
Mrs. Foor
Senior English 3
7 October 2005

I am from rolling fields and the land of waves of grain.

I am from a neighborhood where grass-stained children only come home when the streetlights in the neighborhood begin to signal nights approach.

I am from a woman who dedicated every waking hour to God and after twenty five years lost His eternal light.

I am from a man who had no one to take care of him for the first twenty four years of his life.

I am from a bright palette of colorful people who combine to create a beautiful painting on a warm summer’s night.

I am from a cautious and weary grandmother who is always afraid of letting her emotions show.

I am from a dysfunctional family, where everything appeared a little less clear as age weathered me.

I am from two people who fell in love and after twenty years of marriage lost sight of what they truly meant to each other.

I am from a mother who always blamed herself for her sons near death.

I am from a father who could not put the glass down after his mother got sick for the first time.

I am from two brothers whose love for their sister shows no boundaries.

I am from a love that is movie-sized, where everything hurts just a little but it all pays off in the end.

I am from a mother that calls every day at 3:30 across the vast expanse of land that separates her from her one and only daughter.

I am from a sloth who spends little time doting upon his only daughter and all the time worrying about his favorite son.

I am from a broken family whose only common ground is the last name they share.
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